Midtown walk


We’re in New York for AWP! In town a day early, we took many strolls around town–a brisk walk (trying to make it to the upper west side before sunset) through the park up to Zabar’s for snacks (to avoid raiding the mini-bar in the room), back to the hotel, then over to Hell’s Kitchen for a yummy hole in the wall dinner…then around Times Square and midtown to walk off dinner.

Digression: I f*cking LOVE New York! I was born here, and I have always wanted to come back and live here fulltime. I feel like I make SENSE here.

In midtown, we walked by the conference center–a collection of writerly looking people were beginning to assemble in the hotel lobby.

I’ve worked in high tech a number of years–working the booths for various companies of mine, ranging from IT conferences to software developer conferences.

Man, we writers look a lot like sysadmins.



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5 responses to “Midtown walk

  1. sally

    Welcome to NYC!

  2. arirang

    How long are you in town? Isn’t the city GREAT?

  3. chaesq

    welcome back! i wonder if we’ll pass each other like we did in London! (probably not, as i’m holed up in the ‘burbs all weekend, but the idea is fun…)

  4. sally: 🙂

    arirang: through Sunday–wanna meet up? I’ve got time today and tomorrow–especially tomorrow.

    chaesq: ha–that would be funny–the near misses in our travels!

  5. I’m the opposite. I spent several months in NYC and never felt a connection to it. I feel that way about Paris, though!

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