the pile on the floor

I’ve got the contents of my suitcase piled on the floor of my bedroom.  The clothes I want to take, neatly piled, to be rolled up tomorrow.  (I don’t have NEARLY enough warm clothes–if I’m not going to be warm enough for New York, how am I going to be warm enough when I go to Michigan in a few weeks?!).  Toiletries.  An umbrella.  I’ve got books to read on the plane and in my hotel at night stacked by my backpack.

Soooo excited.  Going to AWP!  Going to Manhattan!



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8 responses to “the pile on the floor

  1. An umbrella?! Is is supposed to rain? Ack! My clothes are on the floor too and my suitcase not nearly big enough.

  2. i always forget to pack something. especially cold weather clothes. in my mind, i am going on vacation, i should be wearing my best shit and not have it covered by a bulky overcoat. but just in case, bring long underwear, at least it will help if the weather gets extremely cold and plus it’s pretty compact!

  3. Susan: it’s supposed to be bad cold rain on Friday. But otherwise, beautiful. In fact, I’m here now and it’s GORGEOUS!

    I forgot to bring long underwear, but I don’t think I’ll need it. I’ve got my bright ice blue ski jacket–if there’s a satellite picture of Manhattan in the next few days that’s how you’ll spot me: the bright ice blue jacket in the sea of black and brown.

  4. I’m here now, too. I didn’t leave nearly enough time to pack or plan, and I forgot to bring a sports bra. Like I thought I was going to jumpstart my exercise plan while I am at AWP. Duhhhhh.

  5. Just buy yourself needed warm things while you’re there. Californians almost never have warm enough coats for winter in January. A ski jacket could help but it won’t protect your bottom and legs. Hey, maybe you could get a fur-lined raincoat. Hubby won’t mind, will he?

    ‘Cause even if it’s beautiful one day, it might freeze you up the next. And yes, you will need long underwear for Michigan, for goodness sake, and maybe wear a long parka that your husband owns. (Does he own a longish parka?)

    I miss New York myself, but only old school New York, like Brooklyn, and far west Chelsea – places that still have a neighborhood feel and haven’t gone over to money, money, big corporate sponsors and money. Even Brooklyn is getting that way…

  6. PS that fur-lined raincoat would stand you in good stead here in the Bay area this month. My mother has a fake-fur lined raincoat she just got at Costco and she’s glad of it. The things are quite practical when it’s 40 and raining.

  7. Hey Leila–it’s absolutely warm here! I mean, not like 70s warm, but it’s in the 40s. In my book, 40s is AWESOME. Cold enough to feel the chill, require a jacket, and turn my cheeks red, but not so cold that I can’t work up my body temperature by walking briskly. I LURV it.

    I like the idea of the (fake) fur-lined raincoat! But after Michigan, I’m not sure when I’d wear it again. Oh, but I’m sure it would look waaay more chic than my ice blue ski jacket.

    Midtown is crazy–I am glad I’m staying somewhere beyond the fray.

  8. I think you would wear a fur-lined raincoat here in Oakland/Berkeley this week. It has been bitter, bitter cold and wet. This whole month even, since the rains began in December. So it doesn’t rain like this every year but hey, my mother’s coat was from Costco, it’s worth the (minimal) investment if she only wears it four or six weeks out of every winter.

    However today it’s sunny clear and gorgeous. Tomorrow they say more rain.

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