how tired was I?

I was sooo exhausted after yesterday’s full day that I fell asleep at dinner.  Dinner was at Sushi Samba, where music plays at hip hop club level decibels–and the music is samba.  One minute I put my chin on my hand, the other minute, my husband was nudging me wake.  This happened three times.



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4 responses to “how tired was I?

  1. Fell asleep at Sushi Samba?? Wow, you must have been exhausted. Hope you have an easy trip home!

  2. Randa

    Hi sweets,
    Sounds like you had a *fabulous* time in nyc! yay! I’m so glad you enjoyed yourself. See you soon! 🙂

  3. nova: Yes–can you believe it–I fell asleep at Sushi Samba! Needless to say, I slept solidly my last night in New York. 🙂 I’m home now!

    Randa: yes it was wonderful. EVERY time in New York for me is a fabulous time. And in a couple weeks I’m going to go see you! I’m sooooooooooooo excited.

  4. That’s funny. Sometimes I fall asleep in really noisy environments, too. I just shut everything out. Oh, and I fall asleep during action movies, like X Men. The more action, the sleepier I get.

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