a little touched

This morning, on my commute to work, I saw a lady, dressed in a bright yellow tshirt and white sweat pants and a colorful rainbow scarf, standing right by the freeway onramp.  “Why,” I thought, “is she standing on the onramp!”  But then a split second later, I saw the sign she was waving in her arms:  Vote for Barack Obama.

Hrm.  Look at the passion he incites in people, I observed, and gunned my car right up the onramp.  It was cold outside, and she was braving it out there, holding that sign with an amazing spirit.

On my way home from work, I saw two extremely excited women on a freeway overpass.  Huh.  I couldn’t figure out WHY they were SO excited.  Maybe they were jumping up and down trying to keep warm.

As I drove under the overpass, I glimpsed the signs they held:  Vote for Barack Obama.

For the first time in this entire election, I thought, “Maybe this guy is worth a closer look.  He sure gets people super excited.”  I haven’t seen a single sign carrier for Hillary Clinton.

I’m pretty apathetic as far as politics goes–for a variety of reasons.  But I was a little touched by the zealots today.



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4 responses to “a little touched

  1. I was driving up 13 last night from the Claremont toward Oakland and noticed Obama signs tacked to telephone poles all the way. It was the first time I got a little twitch that maybe Obama could win in California.

    I’m a committed Edwards fan and don’t like HRC for many, many reasons, all of them policy-related – she doesn’t need to be my best friend to be President. But I’d had doubts about Obama. Today Moorish Girl wrote a post that tipped me in his direction. I don’t listen to Kennedys and even my brother’s early Obama support couldn’t sway me, but the combination of the big rally at UCLA (I saw a YouTube excerpt) and Moorish Girl’s thoughts tipped the balance.

    I still worry that the majority of Americans won’t want to vote for him…

  2. I’ve seen a lot of people (well in the more conservative areas of CA) with signs for Ron Paul, too. I think the people who tend to get out there with signs are younger (usually) and both of those candidates appeal to young people. I haven’t made up my mind who to vote for, though, and the vote is TOMORROW!

  3. Eric

    I saw Hilary on Tyra… Does that count? 😉

  4. arirang

    I am also an early Edwards fan. Sadly he did not make it through or past the 20% give or take —

    When Hillary first ran for Senator, I saw her at a presentation at my grad school. Funny , she didn’t turn the waterworks back then…

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