I’m back home in the Bay Area now. I had a splitting headache, migraine-level, the entire flight home from New York.

When I’m in New York, I’m happy but miss Berkeley a little. And when I’m in Berkeley, I’m happy but miss New York. Can my heart belong in two places? Where I was born, and where I began my adult life?



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6 responses to “homesick

  1. Eric

    You know… If NYC was your home I’d be literally an hour away… Just sayin’….

  2. I’m home now, too, and I feel the exact same way. I do think that life here is easier on a daily level, although it is more stimulating there, and I have closer friends there, which is ironic. I have major fantasies about doing perhaps a month long sublet in NY, to help deal with this bicoastal longing.

  3. Randa

    Of course your heart can! Mine belongs to atleast 3, but I am somone with lifelong acute homesickness, even if i don’t know what place
    exactly it is that I miss.

  4. sally

    Same here, after you moved around for a little while, the concept of home is just so blurred.

    btw, where is that place in the pic (so many movie scenes were shot there), really want to go.

  5. Thank goodness for airplanes and the opportunities for travel–we can make ourselves feel homesick a little less. 🙂

    sally: that picture was taken at Jackie Onassis Reservoir–on the upper half of Central Park (in the 80s or thereabouts). There’s a popular running/walking track around the reservoir. The picture was taken facing west.

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