hey swink?


Hey! What happened to Swink magazine? I remember that the editor, Leelila Strogov, visited the Napa Valley Writers’ Conference a few years ago–she was so well coiffed, so charming in a room filled with afternoon summer heat and desperate writers.  I immediately bought a copy of the litmag upon my return home. It’s a sharp journal, one with interesting, out-of-the-box submission categories (like “Damaged Darlings,” a call out for collaborative writing–where a writer hands hands her/his “damaged darling” or halfway complete story, to another writer to finish. The resulting story is a valid contender for the category).

How cool is that?

But it’s mysteriously disappeared, without a trace. Just last year (was it in Spring?), they produced a great issue with short stories by writers like Daniel Alarcon…then they close submissions while they “work on implementing their online submission system.” This project extended well beyond their target date. And today? Today I went to their website to encounter a splash page that says, “This site has been suspended.”



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7 responses to “hey swink?

  1. Really?! That’s so sad. I really liked that magazine.

  2. I suspected as much when the most recent issue around was (I think) from over a year ago. It was a sharp, witty magazine!

  3. Yes I think it is gone. 😦 I really liked Swink, and the editor was SO enthusiastic, and the content was so fresh! It’s gone without even a farewell goodbye wave!

  4. So much for our collaborative stories. 😦
    Oh, well.

  5. Oh-oh; this explains the poems of mine they’ve had for so long.

  6. Susan: I know! I was just feeling well enough to work on it again.

    lucette: Oh, that’s horrible! They didn’t get back to everyone who’d submitted to them before going under?

  7. doonser

    It’s online now. For those interested in submitting work, be ready to wait a long time. According to the site: “Nota bene: it often takes us a ridiculously long time to respond to pieces. We’re sorry about that.” And there’s no contact info on the site, so good luck in querying. http://www.swinkmag.com/

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