facebook criss cross

I’m reconnecting with so many people on facebook.  College classmates, past coworkers, graduate schoolmates, and recently, high school classmates.  My most recent connection: the guy who took me out on my first date ever, with whom I had fajitas for the first time in my life.  It was a disastrous outing–any poise I had in the classroom at school went out the window in a semi-romantic setting: I talked a mile a minute, and gobbled down ten fajitas.

And came home to a father who was FURIOUS at me for having snuck out on a date.

The guy stuck his hand out to shake my father’s hand–my father refused it (he was THAT mad).

Now?  It’s a distant memory.  I’m happily married.  He’s happily married, too, with two children.  And he’s now a rabbi.



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3 responses to “facebook criss cross

  1. it’s fun to look back and connect with people… i’ve had some serious fun on facebook with folks i went to high school and college with. really quality people who over the last 20 years (ugh!) i’ve drifted away from.

    i play scrabble every day with this kid russ (kid? 40) who i went to college with. he lives in aman jordan and teaches english and economics. he’s amazingly funny and smart… i forgot that. every day i look forward to talking to/goofing around with him. it’s almost like we’re back in wilson hall back in the day.

    your story about the now rabbi is sweet. i love little memories like that.

  2. ChaEsq

    For some reason, the fajitas crack me up. Isn’t that like “don’t eat spaghetti on the first date?” I’m picturing meat juice and cheese and stuff oozing all over the place … or perhaps that’s just how I eat fajitas. By the way, reading of your writing journey is so great. I have no inkling to write a novel (not a good one, anyway), but I’m going to look at Scrivener! =)

  3. christine: the thing I love most about the internet is its ability to connect us!

    ChaEsq: Yup. The fajitas were very messy. But it’s kind of fun, too. Better than spaghetti, worse than steak. 😛

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