I’m here in Ann Arbor! Walking around with a wad of facial tissues in my pocket–but I LOVE it! I love the cold and I love bundling up, and I love all the snow, and I loooove seeing my friend. She and I met at a writers’ colony a couple years ago and we just have amazing fun when we’re together. For example, last night, we laughed our asses off as we made a last minute random trip to White Castle.

During dinner at another fine eating establishment…

Me: Hey–do you have a White Castle here?

R: Yah–on the edge of town…

Me: Dude! Let’s go to White Castle!

R: Serious?

Me: Yes!!!!

I’ve been dying to go to a White Castle for a few years and everytime I go to a new town or geographic region, I always ask if there’s a White Castle. Jackpot!

Of course, on the way there, we did a Harold and Kumar and sort of wondered where we were, and thought we were lost. And then–just like Harold and Kumar, we came upon it, a building glowing blue and white.

We were cracking up so hard putting the order in (20 sliders). I’m sure they thought we were stoned out of our mind. But the great thing is, we weren’t. We were just so happy.




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6 responses to “A2

  1. heather

    The real question is, did you guys ride a jaguar? (H&K 2 comes out sometime soon and I am so excited.)

  2. I’m glad you got to A2, Jade. I was wondering…

  3. Oh yes, and say hi to your friend, and tell her to look at my wig picture if she hasn’t already. (Because it’s all about me!) Enjoy yourselves!

  4. heather: dude! I was at first like, “What driving a Jaguar (the car) have to do with White Castle?” 😛 Ha. That would have been super cool.

    Leila: I got to A2–on the tail end of my flu/cold, but totally worth it! We chatted about you (and sent you positive thoughts), your ears must have been burning.

  5. I’ve always wanted to go to White Castle! I’m still kinda bummed about missing out on trying to the one near Evantson when I was in grad school at Northwestern. Sigh. I suppose frozen White Castle patties will do for now.

  6. anonwupfan

    Chicken rings and onion chips-you’ve got to love it.

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