8 Things About Me


Koreanish tagged me to list 8 things about me…

I’ll happily oblige!

  1. I was born in New York City. I now live in Berkeley. In between, I lived in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. I was happy in New York. I am happy in Berkeley. I was terribly unhappy in los Angeles. Read whatever you want into those facts.
  2. I absolutely HATE THE HEAT. I will cheerfully cope with freezing temperatures–but if it’s above 80F outside, I’m going to get CRANKY. I don’t remember being hot in New York as a child. I just remember that I was mystified that very first hot Los Angeles summer. It was like, “WTF?” If a seven year old child would say, “WTF.”
  3. When I was a little girl, I was very vocal about wishing I were a boy. This went on for quite some time until my parents pulled me aside and asked, “Now–WHY do you want to be a boy?” They held their breath, I imagine, until I answered, “Because boys don’t have to be skinny, and they can roll around in the mud, and their clothes are way more comfortable!” I totally still believe the same. Except for the rolling around in the mud bit. It seems that little boys mud wrestle, but that eventually stops at adulthood. Meanwhile, little girls don’t mud wrestle, but grown women in bikinis sure do.
  4. All I need in life to be happy is someone who loves me by my side, a wiener dog or two, four walls (they can be really close together or span several thousand feet), a roof over my head, tasty food, a laptop with wireless broadband, and a digital camera. I think that’s about it. My husband likes to add, “And Marc Jacobs clothing?”
  5. I like Marc Jacobs clothing. No. I looooove his clothes. But they are not the essence of what makes me happy. They’re about second or third tier when it comes to “things that make me happy.”
  6. I looooove dogs.
  7. Apparently, I am a private person, despite having a blog. Because I am running out of things to tell you about myself. Oh, here’s one. I used to drink a lot of coffee, smoke cigarettes and drink single malt scotch. I quit all those things cold turkey years ago (some more than a decade ago), and I now get drunk off one cocktail. A cup of caffeinated coffee will keep me sleepless all night, even when I have it before noon that day. Read whatever you want into those facts, too.
  8. I have several mottos. This weekend, while sharing one of them with a good friend, I realized the mottos were formed after life changing events. I picked up “Take responsibility for your own happiness,” after my nervous breakdown. I adopted “Have no regrets,” when my heart was broken and I was trying to find a way to move forward with dignity and fulfillment. I don’t know what an additional motto will be, now that I’ve fully recovered from my stroke. I’ve got to think about what I learned from last year.

I tag: Nova, Rockslinga, Susan, Third Eve, No Milk, Hyun, and A Delicate Balance, SciFi Fanatic, and Bustopher Jones. And anyone else of course!



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13 responses to “8 Things About Me

  1. Aghhh.. eight totally RANDOM things??! I do better with direction. And speaking of direction, I tag YOU to do the “10 things about a book written by me.”

  2. Hi Susan! Yep, 8 totally random things–and yep, I was already tagged by Charlotte’s (of Charlotte’s Web) to do that one too! It’s on my “to do” πŸ™‚

  3. Motto for you post-stroke? How about mine: every day is a gift.

  4. koreanish

    Your stroke post was incredibly moving.

    I’ve lived in these same places, sort of (LA, Brooklyn, SF), I still drink single malts. I dislike heat. Love Marc Jacobs.

    Also, I think I need a motto…

  5. LK

    Jadepark, didn’t know you were in Berkeley! Them’s my digs, too!

    Love your shoes.

    Here’s a motto that rings true for me : “If you contribute to other people’s happiness, you will find the true goal, the true meaning of life.”

    Peace to you!

  6. Leila: for sure!

    koreanish: it’s totally corny, but life mottos really do help bring clarity.

    LK: Yep, I’m in berkeley–and the shoes? They’re Marc Jacobs, haha!

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  8. Hi Jade,

    As you see I’m writing under a pseudonym, and my pseudonym is Pseudonym Man.

    I really like your blog so I’ll be a regular visitor. Hope you can visit mine too.

    Good luck fot the search of a motto, I think I need one.

    Pseudonym Man


  9. Eric

    I love you in Marc Jacobs clothing too.
    Girl, you KNOW you got it goin’ on in some MJ! πŸ™‚

  10. Pseudonym Man: Thanks for stopping by!

    Eric: I like Marc Jacobs especially because he is VERY kind to the waistline. πŸ™‚

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  12. anonwupfan

    JP–you’ve inspired a few thoughts:

    Oh yeah, BIG fan of the weiner dog.

    I thought for a second that Marc Jacobs was our local news anchor.

    I prefer Bourbon (of an indeterminate number of malts–I’m not even sure if there’s malt involved.)

    I quit smoking 7 years ago and secretly wish I hadn’t.

    I just noticed Tod Goldberg on your links–nice!

  13. anonwupfan: ha! I’m glad you like wiener dogs and some of my writing links (Tod Goldberg). I have mixed feelings about having quit smoking myself, but in the end I stopped because it wasn’t fun anymore. I could see feeling differently if I quit for any other reason!

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