was it too much fat or the flu

I had dinner at what is generally recognized as a good restaurant in San Francisco–I enthusiastically ordered the marrow as an appetizer. Mrmmm. Marrow.

When asked to explain what marrow tastes like, or if it’s highly fatty (“What does it taste like,” my friend asked, adding quickly, “I don’t want to EAT it–I just want you to TELL me!”) I was at a loss. I’ve grown up with the stuff, so it’s like trying to explain what MILK tastes like. “Uh,” I started off. “Um. Rich? Kind of gelatinous? Uh?”

I like to make a marrow soup. And the fat gets skimmed off, so I was surprised at how much FAT there was in the marrow as I scooped it out of the bones and spread it over the provided toast.

I also quaffed a couple glasses of pinot noir and then I had duck with foie gras pasta. That’s liquor AND fat, people!

It was good stuff going down.

But then I got home and felt super sick. “I think we just can’t eat fatty restaurant food, Hunny!” I hollered, my face hovering over the toilet bowl.

“I don’t think so! We eat pretty bad!” my husband replied from a safe distance away in the bedroom. “It’s not like we eat healthy at home!”

Ugh. Then I barfed.

And then I barfed again.

And again.

There is a stomach flu going around, but I’m not sure whether I’m sick from the food or the flu. I still can’t eat. My stomach is whining in huge protest–it whines when I even THINK about food (“No no no nonoooo!” it screams) and then it whines when I think about how hungry I am (“Yes yes yes yes yessss!”).

I do know I’m getting SLIGHTLY better though, because I can read a food blog post again. For awhile there, I couldn’t read a food blog post without retching. Oh, but I just reread this post and got nauseous again.

Meanwhile, I’m happy to lose the few pounds.



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6 responses to “was it too much fat or the flu

  1. Richard

    I puked approximately 15 times yesterday during the afternoon and evening. By the end, I was just vomiting up stomach fluid and my own saliva. Of course, the puking was because I was hung over, not because of the flu.

  2. heather

    oh nooo! all of my students are out with the plague: stomach flu, flu-flu, mono, strep. it’s all going around. but bone marrow… yum! i had it for the first time a few weeks ago and it’s actually ALL protein. however, it was served on the half-femur.

    and that was a bit grotesque.

  3. Richard: WHY do you drink so much–hangovers SUCK! bleah. I hope you drank water and took advil and are feeling better.

    heather: marrow is awesome!

    Bustopher: thanks–already feeling better.

  4. mysticonnie

    marrow=hot pate butter

  5. Richard

    Friend’s wedding + my birthday + Saturday night = drinking

    By Monday morning, I was much better. No water or advil for me, though. I threw all that stuff up.

    Stay away from that foie gras.

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