Punctuation Mark —

Found via Perpetual Folly

You Are a Dash

Your life is fast paced and varied. You are realistic, down to earth, and very honest.
You’re often busy doing something interesting, and what you do changes quickly.

You have many facets to your personality, and you connect them together well.
You have a ton of interests. While some of them are a bit offbeat, they all tie together well.

You friends rely on you to bring novelty and excitement to their lives.
(And while you’re the most interesting person they know, they can’t help feeling like they don’t know you well.)

You excel in: Anything to do with money

You get along best with: the Exclamation Point



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5 responses to “Punctuation Mark —

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  3. I’m an exclamation point!

    (Can you tell?)

  4. nova: we’re compatible!

  5. Uncanny. I, too, am an exclamation point, and the description sounds a lot like me… well now we know why you & I like each other, Jade! Does this mean that Nova and I would ruffle each other’s feathers? Sorry, Nova!

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