Spring time



I look out the window and see all the soft pink blossoms and I want to swoon from the frothy beauty outside! I drive around, and see the petals falling from the trees and am constantly reminded of the opening scene of my novel, set in spring time.


And every once in awhile, I’m seduced to go outdoors and stand beneath the blooms and bask in the warming sun, seeing the bright shadows cast upon the ground. I am not a big fan of heat (I like the cold), but sunlight and warmth in late wintertime is a welcome anomaly. Springtime approaches!

But of course, after just a few minutes, I feel it. I feel the itch in my throat and nose, as if a grasshopper is making its way through my head.

Ahhhh. CHOO! Ah-choo!

So I lurch indoors.

Next week, I’m off to London, where the temperatures are still chilly, and spring is still a few more weeks away. I’m traveling backwards in time! I’ll miss Margaret Cho when she comes to town–the first time I’ve EVER missed a live show of hers–! But I’m looking forward to a break from my allergies.

In other news…I am still working on the novel (of course). Thank you for sharing stories with me–writing this novel is a lot like traveling backwards in time.



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5 responses to “Spring time

  1. Eve

    Ah, I’m jealous. Jealous that you have spring already (we have freezing temperatures here and it’s been gray for days and days and days). And jealous that you get to go to London.

    Post us some photos when you return, eh?

    How are you feeling about your work on the novel, and the novel itself?

  2. Hi Eve: I looove winter, I was so happy when I was in Michigan, and then in Tahoe, surrounded by heaps of snow and freezing temperatures. Call me strange!

    But yes, spring is a welcome time. I will post photos for sure.

    I’m liking my work on the novel. It’s set in the historical past–I forgot to mention that in my blog post, the reason I feel like I’m time traveling as i write. I’m just going to persist with it and keep going. It’s not always easy going, but it’s…going.

  3. anonwupfan

    JP-Tahoe ain’t winter, my friend. It’s one thing to love the snow, crisp air, warming up next to a crackling fire, etc. Winter, however, is not a weekend. Winter is four months of scraping windshields, black slush on street corners, itchy dry skin, shoveling the walks, negative windchills, and numb extremities. Mrs. AWUPF was born & raised in Oakland and longs for the short, mild East Bay winters I assure you!

  4. anonwupfan: Yup, I know that what I’m doing is tasting winter, not living with it. It’s a big difference! And the locals (especially in Michigan) do look at me as if I’m insane–“You’re very cheerful!” they exclaim, as if code for “What is UP with you?!” Tahoe is a bit different than a midwest winter, according to our neighbors up there. They really do like the winter there.

  5. anonwupfan

    JP: I could see that about Tahoe–weather becomes much more enjoyable when you are in a beautiful place w/o anywhere else to be. I grew up in the middle of nowhere and being snowed-in was great as long as we had firewood, each other, and a deck of cards.

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