no diamonds

I had a dream this week where all the diamonds out of all my jewelry suddenly disappeared.  Soooo bizarre.



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  1. I have no clue what that means – you’ll have to ask your inner guide about that – but my dear friend just lost the diamond out of her engagement ring in real life. She knew she did it in the house so she turned the place upside down. Her rock is a monster, at least a couple of carats. It did turn up – in the crack of the baby’s diaper changing pad. !!! Shit and diamonds… if it were a dream I’d have fun with that one -but it really happened.

    At the very least you might take your best pieces to the jeweler to have the tines checked…It could just be a straightforward warning dream – your settings are loose!

  2. Eve

    I had a dream that I lost two of my large diamonds (two different rings) recently. I’m the shrink, so I ought to know what this means.

    Well, I don’t.

    Let me know if you find out. ;o)

  3. i’m frequently have that dream about losing the family jewels. every man does.

  4. What bookfraud is trying to say is that this dream was deeply prophetic — a dream about Eliot Spitzer, and his troubles with (a) women who are rated with diamonds; (b) his wife, who is probably packing up her diamonds right now and (c) his own jewels, which are very, very vulnerable at this time.

    Dream on. Can you give us a Geo. Bush prophecy please?

  5. Well! Here is the ANSWER: today, when I arrived at my work destination in London, I absentmindedly checked my earlobes to make sure my earrings were still in my ears.

    I am sort of paranoid that my earrings will eventually fall out–they have the screw-on backings, but if I don’t check on them, they eventually screw off (something about the way I sleep–somehow in the night, the screws rotate until they’re almost off the backs of the earrings).

    In the several years I’ve had these earrings, they’ve never screwed off.

    Until this morning! I lost the back of my left earring.

    LUCKILY my (diamond) earring was still there.

    So–the dream was sort of predictive/prophetic just as bloglily suggests!

    Though I like bookfraud’s concept of “family jewels.”

  6. Amily

    Wow… I was just telling my fiancé about my dream of someone asking me about my ring and me going to show them and just the band is there no diamond I heard one meaning is that you will or did lose someone and another(so controdictory) says that you are attached to something or someone

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