turkeys and frogs yay yay yay


One of the most fantastic things about where we live is that there is this penultimate combination of urban life with a good dose of nature. Just down the hill is shopping and the subway and such…and at home we still have a vegetable garden and trees and…turkeys in our neighborhood!

Yes, the turkeys are now mating, continuing that circle of life.

And the frogs are back! Last year, they were a thrumming chorus all winter and spring–it is a sound I welcome. My husband and I love going to sleep with the sound of frogs ribbiting.

I thought that when our gardener accidentally cleared out all the algae from the ponds, thereby killing the tadpoles last summer, we would not have frogs again for at least another year…but last night, as we walked through our silent house, I heard it. “Ribbit.”

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One response to “turkeys and frogs yay yay yay

  1. I love all aspects of nature except for snakes. Imagine listening to snakes hissing all night. 🙂

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