Here I am, in London! On business, but still squeezing in fun (though work is kind of fun, weirdo me), here and there.

Yesterday, took a brief outing to Foyle’s Books at Charing Cross, where I followed the literature section that mazes from A to Z throughout the store. I just love that maze–the shelves aren’t lined up in rows, but follow the walls inside the store–and as a result I find myself browsing the entire alphabet of authors.

I picked up a few books, after gazing at the UK book cover versions of my favorite books, and lustily eyeing the cookbooks.

I walked down to Trafalgar Square, suddenly lit with a few rays of sun, and then I went back to the hotel where I collapsed upon the bed.

These next few days are fully occupied with work. But the weekend is free.



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10 responses to “London

  1. Have fun in London. My husband’s there too on business, hopefully spending his spare time in Foyle’s buying books for me.

  2. chaesq

    JEALOUS!!!! I wish someone, anyone, would send me to London for something … have a wonderful time!

  3. Eve

    Ditto what chaesq said. Surely you needed to bring along an assistant? Or fly one over immediately?

    Looks beautiful over there. Let us know if you bought any books.

  4. Oh, how lovely! I was there in January and had the most wonderful time. Be sure to make it to the theater, okay?
    The biggest trouble with London these days is that you can’t actually afford to BOTH go to the theater and eat, or buy books and eat. I chose not to eat, thinking I could get that at home.
    Have a fun trip!

  5. Hi Everyone–I love London..but yes! The exchange rate makes expenditures miserable! Really puts a dent into plans–makes me nostalgic for past visits before the dollar tanked so hard.

    But I did buy a few books. 🙂 And I’m figuring out eats. Already have indulged in a few pasties.

  6. Great picture of Trafalgar Square. For books it’s well worth a visit to Hatchard’s on Piccadilly. An old-fashioned shop – it really rambles.

  7. wearingstuff

    i love the pic

  8. iyris

    beautiful pic!

  9. I love London. It’s good to find a Korean blogger here. I am sure there are lots but I am pretty new to wordpress. Just wanted to say hello!

  10. thanks everyone–and missK, welcome to the blog!

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