things I think about at 4:30am in London

I was asleep, but then I woke up.  And now I cannot go back to sleep.  I guess I am jetlagged.

So I opened up my laptop and decided to chat with friends in PST.  I can’t see myself in the dark, but I can feel my belly pudge.  It’s something I was intensely conscious of while at work today, while sitting down, feeling the pudge over my waistline.  Now I feel it again.

Of all the things to think about at 4:30am.



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3 responses to “things I think about at 4:30am in London

  1. My new Yahoo mail interface shows me when folks are online, and I saw that you were on. And it even said you were in London which is weird. My cousin in Dubai had no geographical note.

    But I didn’t start chatting because I didn’t want to bug you. Also, I never really know what to say on chat. Or I’m afraid of becoming a chat addict. I am bad enough with blogs…

  2. There is no way to adequately express the disturbing-ness of the pudge thing. You know you shouldn’t care, but you’ve been infected, and you can’t stop. Well, sometimes you can. It’s just harder when you’re tired. The “you” here is, naturally, me, not you.

  3. Leila: Feel free to ping me, though I know about being sucked into the vortex of the Internet/Blogosphere/IM…so I understand if you stay away, too!

    bloglily: Thank you for your empathy! I know it’s entirely petty in the whole scheme of things to obsess about belly pudge, but that is still the reality of things, too. And so thank you for your empathy.

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