love is in the air!


Man, if we humans mated once a year, that would drive me nuts.

But that’s what springtime is about for so many of the creatures. They’re in full heat! They’re singing! They’re preening!

The wild turkeys in our neighborhood are in full courtship! Look at this guy–he’s been following her around for WEEKS now. “HEY BABY! Look at ME! Don’t you WANT ME?!” Isn’t he fantastic?

I am fully charmed by it. I hope he successfully woos her. I’d like to see some baby turkeys in the neighborhood again.

Add to this the chorus of ribbiting frogs in our backyard. They are ribbiting a STORM! First, one showed up with his lonely ribbit one night…now we’ve got at least two LOUD and TALKATIVE frogs. It’s mating season for them, too–trying to sing their way to sex.


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