behind behind

I’m behind on work, I’m behind on writing. I’m behind on a critique for my workshop. I’m just terribly behind.


And my literally (ack!  my brain is melting) behind is getting bigger too. I keep mysteriously gaining weight–I say mysteriously because I’m actually eating LESS.  I have a fantasy that I’m gaining all this weight because I’m really pregnant…but that is so not true.



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4 responses to “behind behind

  1. Ah, the mysterious springtime weight gain. I have that. I’m thinking it’s all the muscle I’m gaining by working harder at the gym. I’m so wrong. Time to take advantage of that extra hour of light and go hiking.
    Anyway, this is just to say that I’m behind you on the behind thing, being busier this week than usual. It’s a pain.

  2. Sadly, I am in the same boat too.

  3. you’re behind on a critique? and you feel guilty about it? i commend you for being more diligent than about 85 percent of your fellow workshop writers. (i kinda wrote about this same thing on my blog.)

    i’ve gained about 15 lbs since my son was born last year. i’m definitely not pregnant.

  4. bloglily: so weird, this springtime weight gain! Maybe it’s a side effect of allergies or something. 😛 Either way, I must fight it! Because it’s really bringing my spirits down.

    Susan: let’s walk or exercise together.

    bookfraud: Yes, I was behind on a critique and I was feeling badly about it. I am really anal about my own workshop etiquette and I try to be on time and thorough with my critiques. I know, totally lame! But true.

    I think at this rate, my fictional child from my fictional pregnancy will weigh about 20 pounds at birth. 😛

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