Do Better…


I have the doldrums. I feel like total doo-doo. I feel discouraged. I feel fat. Hell, I am gaining weight, so it’s more than a feeling. I’m not writing like I should.

These days, I feel like all my energy stems towards work, and then recuperation from work. Not so good! I end up beat down, and depressed. That is so sucky. I have to change that shit up.

Of course, I’m beating myself down for lack of achievement, instead of encouraging myself to DO SOMETHING about it. Or, in the words of a blog I discovered today, Do Better.

Her post on her diet and fitness inspired me. I am going to do better–and make good on my resolution to get more disciplined (with my writing and fitness)!

I am going to channel some towards myself, towards the things that make me FEEL better: writing and fitness.

So I think I too, will post my progress here on a weekly basis.

My fitness goals will initially be to:

  • Run at least one mile a day four days a week. (I will increase this as I get more fit)
  • Start doing sit-ups/core exercises again.
  • Stop eating by 7pm.
  • No dietary restrictions, but stop eating when I’m no longer hungry (really, so sad that I have to make this a goal but so true).
  • Drink water.
  • Keep chocolate to a little bite a day.

My writing goals will be to:

  • Write something everyday, even if it is in a blog post or a diary (really, so sad that my writing output has diminished such that I don’t write everyday, but it is so true and should not be so true).
  • Read. A book every two weeks?
  • On my weekly day off, set aside at least 4 hours of the day to spend exclusively on writing.

So in addition to my general blog posts, I’ll be updating you on a weekly basis of my progress. You, my dear readers and friends, will be my coach.

BTW, the picture up there has nothing to do with the blog post….except maybe the idea of running in Green Park in London (I really did have that idea while in London last week–but rapidly tossed it aside). I just wanted to use that image in my blog before it became ENTIRELY irrelevant.


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7 responses to “Do Better…

  1. Akrypti

    Look. It’s not even about you anymore. It’s about us, your peeps. You know. The yellow people. Asian American Diaspora? We haven’t had a great Asian American novel since……well, it’s arguable what each considers the last great Asian American novel but by any standard, it’s been a long time. So you see. You HAVE to finish your novel. When was your last visit to B&N? Because I went this weekend and there’s nothing — nothing — good on the Asian American literature front. Step it up, Ms. Park! ;-D

  2. I love your fitness and writing goals! Especially the “stop eating when no longer hungry” goal. I should include that one too. Having no dietary restrictions in the beginning was key to me sticking with it and making these lifestyle changes.

  3. Randa

    STOP!!! STOP RIGHT THERE, RIGHT NOW! You are being too hard on yourself.

    Here’s an idea:

    Start focusing on what you HAVE achieved. Instead of that meanie scolding list of bulletin points you have above, make one that celebrates your positive accomplishments. Here, I’ll even get you started:

    — received an MFA
    –awesomest doggie mom ever
    –great cook and baker
    –wrote and revised several stories
    –work 40 hours a week
    –started a novel when 99.99999% of humans in your same position wouldn’t have
    –great friend
    — a jolly and functioning survivor of a stroke
    –funny as hell
    –grower of herb garden

    ……and keep going! I’ve found that when i feel like doo doo, seeing the good things I’ve done and amping those makes me feel better. So yeah, DO BETTER self-talk and be kinder to yourself.


  4. heather

    I gotta echo Randa above. I’m falling into “Spring Cleaning” mindset, which for me is even worse than New Year’s Resolutions mindset. When I set too many rules or goals for myself, I end up breaking/not meeting them and feeling worse than before. I’m trying to celebrate the little things more… like that I *finally* submitted an essay, and that (as of tonight) will have finished grading this round of papers. I’m not saying be lazy… just give yourself a hug now and then.

  5. Ha–I love the combination of tough love and soft (?) love responses here. I fluctuate between both of them, myself.

    Akrypti: I hear the pressure!

    Karen: Thank you, you are inspiring!

    Randa: You are awesome. I ought to make that list! (But instead, I spent most of the day sleeping–maybe that’s just as nurturing).

    heather: thank you for the self-hug suggestion. Yes, the goals are both inspiring and crushing. I have no idea where all this self-doubt and exhaustion comes from. (Yes, probably from…my day job?)

  6. Cat

    dude – Randa has it completely right. You are fabulous and should try (hard, I know) to be a bit gentler with yourself. We need to get together and laugh like maniacs for awhile.

    Travel safely and be well. Please. 🙂

  7. Cat: bleah–but I always feel like I can do better–and can’t seem to cut myself slack. I think I need a writing retreat or something, to get myself out of my daily routine. 😛 Yes, but laughing with friends together is a good cure too.

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