Parsley craving


I have two cute and affectionate, but at times extremely odd, wiener dogs. Today, I discovered my female dachshund eating the parsley plant in my herb planter outside. She did not eat the sage, the chervil, the dill, or the oregano. Just the parsley.

As soon as she saw me, she scurried away from the planter, through the doggie door, and into the house. I am not sure what the cause for this ravenous parsley appetite might be–maybe she was trying to self-treat her doggie halitosis?

Poor plant. 90% of its leaves are gone now.



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2 responses to “Parsley craving

  1. Leila Abu-Saba

    Parsley is really good for you – dark green color has lots of whatever vitamin, it’s a diuretic if you need that, and yes it’s good for bad breath. Doggie might just need some of those qualities. If she lived in the wild she might be eating some springtime green shoots in the forest.

  2. Perhaps she was looking for refreshment!

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