Week 1 report


I put myself on a plan last week. I’ll be posting a report every Sunday, I think. Here’s the first report…

Wednesday: 2.18 miles on the elliptical trainer in 30 minutes. Ate dinner at 6:40pm. Stopped eating at 7pm. Did a light edit of two chapters of my novel.

Thursday: did not run. Ate dinner at 7:15pm. Stopped eating at 7:30pm (yes, fast eating). No writing, just a short blog post. 😦 Just too tired from work, and I think I’m either totally befelled by allergies or a cold/flu.

Friday: shit, what did I do Friday? I didn’t run. Still befelled by the strange cold/flu/allergies. But I did skip dinner. For my writing, I wrote a letter to my mother-in-law, in commemoration of the one year anniversary of her death.

Saturday: No running again (man, am I a slacker or what). I skipped dinner again. No writing.

This week I am fighting off some weird cold/flu/allergy/emotional malaise thing and am also heading out of town on Tuesday…so I will just aim to stop eating by 8pm (7pm is not going to be realistic on this particular business trip) each day.  I will also aim to get some writing done on Monday and Tuesday…and maybe get some walking in.



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2 responses to “Week 1 report

  1. I hope you feel better. I’m also trying to bump up my exercise efforts. I’m trying to stop using my graveyard shift as an excuse to skip out on running. I’m also trying to work up the nerve to go skating again. I haven’t tried out the rink in our neighborhood…and I should. In any event, kudos to you for making an effort. Really.

  2. queenkv: the graveyard shift is a tough shift (I did it once and it was psychologically and physically demanding). You need workouts or something, to bring you sanity!

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