irl versus anonymous


Writing under a pseudonym has been great.

While some of you know who I am “irl,” I don’t have to worry about the masses connecting some of this personal information to a specific person and all the consequences that may bring. No more stalkers is a good thing. Still being able to blog is a good thing. It’s a hard habit to break after blogging for ten years, before the word “blog” (which sounds like a vomit-burp) was born.

But sometimes, it’s a bummer. Like when I want to connect with some of you on facebook or goodreads. I have to stop myself. You know like, literally say to myself, my finger hovering over the click thing by my trackpad, “Hey, this person doesn’t know that YOU are Jade Park!” Duh. And so I refrain from making the connection, because you’ll be like, “Who the HELL is this person?!”

I do come out occasionally–that’s the nature of friendship. At one point you shed the mask and the clothes and enter the world of psychic intimacy. I mean, shit, it gets lonely here at times, and this blog really is about making a connection with the world, somehow. And writing under a pseudonym, for all its safety, stops shy of real intimacy and connection. I love all the friends I’ve made through my blog.

Only a few times have I been faced with folks who wished I’d stayed anonymous. “You’ve lost your mystique!” one of them said to me.




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6 responses to “irl versus anonymous

  1. Leila

    You always have mystique to me, Jade. Anonymity not required…

  2. sottovoco

    What an amazing photograph.

    Keep writing and capturing sunlight images.

  3. Anonymity hasn’t kept you from being supportive and a great bloggy-friend. πŸ™‚

  4. anonwupfan

    I have a rare– i.e. highly googlable–surname “irl.” I like coming here where I can read and share under the radar w/o reservation. This blog was created to fit the needs of the easily stalked and does so quite nicely; I can shed the clothes and keep the mask.

    There is probably a comment about the nature of human identity and what we present to others, but I’m in too much of a post-Easter lamb-coma to unearth it. The good part is that I don’t have to be embarrassed about being lazy (or my grammar/spelling/punctuation) none of you know who I am, HAHA!

    P.S. JP, You’re not the Nigerian barrister who keeps telling me I won the British lottery, are you?

  5. w

    Lost mystique? Sheesh. I hold the world in mystique, and am excited by all the things—both new and not so new—that friends and strangers offer. I love noting behavioral patterns in a person, teasing him or her for them, and just being happy that they’re good people.

    And you’re good people. Meeting you was one of the highlights of 2007 for me, don’t you know.

    (I’m sorry we missed each other during AWP, by the way, this a month and a half late in coming. I need to send you a note…)

  6. Leila: aw thanks.

    sottovoco: thanks–I like taking the photographs.

    Andrew W: I’m glad to be there for you! And hope you are feeling and doing better.

    anonwupfan: ah, the benefits of anonymity! πŸ™‚

    w: You are awesome, too! I’m really glad we met and I will always remember that sunny day in Union Square forevermore. No need to apologize for not being able to meet up. Life happens!!!!

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