sleep sleep sleep

Today is the year (at least by non-lunar calendar) anniversary of a death in the family. I didn’t think I’d be as affected by it as I am. I mean, it’s been a year. Right? But I am. I can’t seem to stop sleeping.

Perhaps it’s a coincidence–maybe I am sick or so besieged with allergies that my body craves the rest. But there is an unfamiliar subdued feeling that tells me that I might just be fucking sad.



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3 responses to “sleep sleep sleep

  1. Eve

    Oh my. I just finished writing that you may be having an anniversary reaction… and then I read this.

    Sorry to seem so dense–I’ve been catching up on your blog since my reading lapsed last week due to the holiday and its attendant busy-ness. I was reading backwards, from most recent to oldest and… yeah. I found this.

    Anyway, I’m sorry. Yes, of course you’re sad. And probably having all those other feelings that go along with a loss. It always sends one reeling and remembering how fragile our security is. It’s really an illusion, except in every moment when we’re at rest and peace.

  2. Oh, Jade, I’m sorry to hear you’re feeling like this. Of course it’s normal, but that doesn’t make it any easier. Hang in there, and be sweet to yourself, and you’ll get to the other side.

  3. Eve: thank you for your wise words. It made me feel a little less silly/insane for my body’s “extreme” reaction.

    bloglily: thank you for your always-so-kind words.

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