ahhh home.

You know you’ve been on the road a lot when you wake up and wonder, “Where am I?”

That’s followed by a light sniff (does it smell like hotel?), an awareness of the sheets (do they feel like MY sheets?)…all while keeping my eyes shut (I don’t wanna wake up!).

And then I open my eyes.  Ah, I’m home.  Yes.



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2 responses to “ahhh home.

  1. i love coming home from a trip. even though hotels make everything comfortable and easy for you, there is no beating the feeling of being safe and enveloped in your own shitty pad. 🙂

  2. no milk: ‘fo sho! I love good hotels…but you know there’s a kick-out date looming, and the room doesn’t smell like you, and there’s nothing in the decor that says YOU. But home? Everything there is personal, with history, and a future.

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