doing too much

I think I did too much today. I don’t regret meeting up, separately but in back to back “appointments,” two friends. But now I’m a little puddle of mush and i just want to nap the rest of the day. These are the days when I’m reminded that I’m no longer the same person I was before the stroke.

But no. I want to go to Koreanish’s reading at USF! But I am not sure how I’m going to do it. And I think I have another obligation that’s about to pop up in the same timeframe. It’s already clear to me that I’m going to get NO WRITING done today. Maybe I’ll take a nap and try to rejuvenate.



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2 responses to “doing too much

  1. twentythird

    Hi Jadepark,

    Did you end up going to this reading? Because I was there… I’m a student at USF. I’ve been a longtime reader of yours since last year (found the link through Rice Bowl Journals), but never did comment or introduce myself. Anyway, hi. 🙂


  2. twenythird: I did not–I ended up having to stay home (I was sad not to go to the reading, but also relieved to collapse at home). Nice to meet you! It would have been cool to meet you irl. 🙂

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