energy blahs

I am constantly tired, once again. I am not sure why. But recently I made the decision to limit myself to one social activity a day because the whole several-activities-a-day regimen I have had the last few months is wearing me down to a nub. And I have got to get myself home earlier from work and go to bed earlier, like by 9pm. Is it because I’m doing more meetings via phone? I am not sure why I am so drained. I am going out of my mind with exhaustion!

Today I met up with a friend that I met via our blogs–we made the transition to “irl!” It was awesome–she brought her newborn son and we cooed over him, chomped on some good barbecue, and sat in the shade, feeling the breeze tickle our skin. It was an incredibly pleasant lunch and it was good to meet her.

But I felt so shameful telling a mother of a newborn, “I am so tired!” Like, I had to totally stop myself from bitching about my exhaustion.

Meanwhile, I have to conserve some energy and direct it to my novel.

Oh! And after years of consideration, years of listening to friends urging me to investigate yoga, and months of pontification–I am going to my very first yoga class on Saturday with my very good friend! I even bought a yoga mat today. How’s THAT for real intention?



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14 responses to “energy blahs

  1. Ooh, impressive! Let me know how it goes. I am so anti yoga. I wonder if I could ever find a class I’d like.

  2. And I am so pro-yoga! It is energising and wonderful, makes you strong and helps muscles appear. I hope that you will love it, Jade.

  3. I don’t know if I am anti- or pro-yoga or what… I keep meaning to try it, but I’m so stiff and inflexible. Then again, yoga would probably change all that!

    Sorry you’re exhausted… I hope yoga somehow helps.

  4. anonwupfan

    I am anti-yoga (way too self-conscious for group exercises,) though can see the benefits. Mrs. AWUPF has been pro-yoga for years (in theory.) If I would have known you were in the market I could have gotten you a great deal on a (like new!) yoga mat from the back of our closet.

    Best of luck with it, you will enjoy the funny names of the positions at a minimum.

  5. How smart of you to limit social things while you’re feeling less than energetic. And I’m looking forward to hearing how yoga goes. I loved yoga when I did it about ten years ago, but all the hype and the fact that there are now CLOTHES to go with it (why can’t you just wear sweats and a tshirt? why do you have to go to lululemon and buy cute things first?) makes me nervous. So I just go hiking instead.

  6. Violeta

    I’ve never done a yoga class, but I do LOVE doing
    yoga at home!! It’s really helped me with stress and energy.

  7. As the mother of a newborn, too, I can tell you that you shouldn’t feel guilty. Everyone gets tired for different reasons – and your fatigue is as valid as anyone else’s. And I am extremely PRO-yoga. I climb, hike, swim, run sometimes, do Fit-Lite and NOTHING is as good for your body and mind as yoga. Now I need to start going again myself!

  8. Ooooh, I’ve never done yoga. Always on my list but then…never happens. Can’t wait to hear what you think of it!

  9. i get tired too sometimes, but i think that a short nap helps. i wish i could take naps everyday… 🙂

  10. dudes and dudettes! i am off to yoga–keep your fingers crossed! my hubby thinks i’ll really like it and i hope i do!

    i was sooo tired yesterday that i fell asleep at work–for an HOUR and a HALF! i swear, i walked into a quiet room in the back to just lie down…and then i woke up almost two hours later.

    and i cleared my calendar for the week–just work, and no social outings on my day off.

  11. Seems really obvious to me that your body still needs rest after that year you had – 2007. Honor it.

  12. Leila you are probably right. The doctors have told me that I may get my energy back eventually, or that I may never have the same energy as before the stroke. It’s hard for me to accept the fact that I tire so easily.

    Between work, and all the traveling I’ve been doing, there is very little rejuvenation time. I’ve got to find a better balance.

  13. Just take it from me, from where I’m sitting. Don’t blow out your circuits. Don’t run on fumes. Keep some reserves. Be ruthless and choose what you’re going to eliminate so you can get some rest. It’s vital to your continued health.

  14. Leila: I will take your advice and heed it. I think yes, I have to just really take good care of myself. I had forgotten to do just that.

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