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I liked yoga. Oh man, I was so happy I liked it–I felt a great physical relief participating in class yesterday. And last night, I had the best sleep I have had in months. Was it the yoga? Maybe.

But…I’m tired again. And I have to get writing my novel. I have a personal essay I want to get writing, and a novel to finish (this year!). My hubby said I need a long term project to just really focus on. He’s been writing a book too–working hard at for a few months now, and has some empathy for the writing process. His technical book is getting published in a few months–it’s different, and yet similar.

I think I need to find a want to get UN-exhausted so I can do it all!



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  1. anonwupfan

    I promise you it was the yoga! Rest easy and use your body for what it was built for. Working behind a desk and writing in your spare time is tough on your body. Using energy gives you more energy (probably another twisted cosmic joke on the human race, like our bodies craving bad things like cigarettes and funyuns.)

  2. OK, I am very slightly intrigued. What kind of yoga was it?

  3. UN-exhausted sounds great!

  4. I agree with anonwupfan — it was the yoga. It not only helps me concentrate, get more energy and sleep like a baby, but it also helps me so when I stand up after having written for hours I’m not still in a sitting position for the first few steps, but able to actually stand up straight…..

    I’d love to hear about your writing process when it comes to writing drafts at:

    Hope to hear from you!

    Wonderful blog you have. I used to link to you. Then I went and tried a new format and lost everything. Off to add you to my links again right now. Thanks for having me on your links list!!

    All the best to you…………

  5. anonwupfan: the yoga is so amazing! i feel the effects of class, days later. it has even lifted my mood–partially because i’m no longer in constant pain. of course, i have to make time to go to my next yoga class–i must keep this up.

    Susan: it was hatha flow. NOT the hot kind (NEVER!).

    cindy: yes–and I hope you get un-exhausted soon too! 🙂

    Plot Whisperer: Thank you Martha–I love your book and you helped me so much by helping me with my novel in that one on one phone consultation. I like your point about how yoga helps me stand up after being in a sitting position for hours. I can’t imagine what the yoga will do longterm.

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