I am officially sick. Is it still the cold/flu season? Some pesky bug got into my system at the last minute–I even wonder where I caught this awful cough.

Anyway–sorry for the doldrums posting. I am feeling awfully pessimistic and feeling awfully whiny. But oh well, we all have our individual roads to take in life.



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  1. Oh, feel better soon! I feel like I’m coming down with something _again_ and I’m refusing to believe it right now. It took me a good two months to get rid of my cough last time.

    Sorry to hear, even more, about the doldrums.

  2. heather

    zomg, west coast twin. i went to go post a “i’m siiiiick” post, and saw yours! i’m getting over the worst sinus infection of my life that started off–with all things–a horrible wheezing, and yet simultaneously hacking, cough. get thee antibiotics, now! this went down my office practically door to door, and my doc said it’s been prevalent on planes lately, too. within 24 hours of the antibiotics, i started feeling a whole lot better.

  3. nova: suck down the orange juice and rest if you can! I guess I’ll push through my doldrums soon.

    heather: ohnoooo-sinus infection! i hope that’s not what i have. bleah.

  4. I’m sick, too 😦 Feel better.

  5. Feel better soon, and thank you again for the cabbage rolls… so yummy.

  6. P.S. – when I’m tired and/or sick, I get really hopeless about my writing. Could the Huckabee’s post have arisen from illness and physical malaise? Maybe you were feeling lousy about your writing because you were physically run-down? Happens to me, so I’m just wondering.

    I’ll bet when you recover, you’ll feel better about your writing, too. Here’s hoping…

  7. bustopher: hope you feel better too. do you have the whole runny nose and cough thing?

    Leila: I am glad you enjoyed them! As for my feelings–I don’t think they’re very related to my cold/flu. I think yes, my mood isn’t very elevated, but I’ve been grappling with my discouragement for quite a few weeks. It’s just how I am–I fight things very very quietly and then boom, they hit and I fall over.

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