‘fess up Friday 2

It’s the weekly ‘fess up Friday post!

I didn’t write much this week. Not fiction anyway. I wrote letters to a friend at Hedgebrook, blog posts, and diary entries. Oh and emails.

With my dad in the hospital and tons of work at the paying job, flying back and forth between cities to try to do both…and squeezing sleep/rest in, there’s not much room for the writing!

But soon.

And that’s my weekly writing confession for the week!



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4 responses to “‘fess up Friday 2

  1. h

    hang in there! i’ve been mia for awhile but i am thinking of you.

  2. Thanks for your kind words on my skating post. I have a writing question.

    What are the benefits/strengths/pros in writing fiction in third person in comparison to first person? I’m looking back at some crappy first drafts dating back a couple of years. I started taking a whack at some storylines. I find it easier to move things along in the first person perspective, but I’m wondering if I’m losing anything by switching out of the traditional 3rd person format.

  3. What a week! I’m glad to hear you’re hanging in there. I’d say you’re doing more than enough as it is. And I loved hearing about Hedgebrook earlier in the week.

  4. h: dude, you are busy with all your life happenings! i am thinking of you, too.

    queenkv: I’ll email you offline with this one–it’s not one with a simplistic answer–professors have had semester-long “craft courses” on this very topic (I’ve taken my share), and dozens of writers have written essays on this craft element (I’ve read my share), let alone the many discussions on POV. But it’s an intriguing thing–I switched my entire novel from 1st person to 3rd.

    bloglily: thank you for your kind thoughts–quel week for sure! I hope you apply to Hedgebrook.

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