without vanity

Went to Vegas….then flew home.


Spent 36 hours at home. Then left home to fly back to Vegas.


I think it’s the first time in years I haven’t checked baggage. I have never bothered with navigating the whole TSA ban on liquids, and then the TSA limits on liquids (less than 3 ounce of liquid per bottle, but everything needs to fit into a quart bag). It’s just been easier to check my baggage and not deal with that minutiae.

But when a family member is sick, I realized I don’t transport liquids (save for my bottle of contact lens solution). No makeup, no lotion, no special soaps, no perfume. I studied my makeup vanity for a minute earlier this week as I hurriedly packed–would I need anything in there? No.

Amazing–! All the liquids in my suitcase were items of vanity (including, technically, that bottle of contact lens solutino).

I traveled light. Just a few changes of clothes, and a few books. I could have fit it all in my laptop backpack.

Vanity takes up a lot of room and takes a lot of coordination.


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  1. Violeta

    For all of our Guate trips, we didn’t check anything, which led me to become (in my own humble opinion) one of the world’s best packers and one of the world’s most anxious travelers. And we grumblingly navigated the TSA restrictions with medical and baby supplies. Only once (in Pittsburgh) was I asked to step out of line so I could have my skin scanned for explosive dust!

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