moth balls

I know that there are a lot of things about my life that are “stereotypically” Asian–as much as there are things about my life that are totally not “typical.” But why oh why do moth balls have to be in my life?

My mom LOVES mothballs. She’s horrified of the wrath of moths: the holes in sweaters and clothes. And so she sprinkles those little white crystallized napthalene mothballs EVERYWHERE. My parents’ home smells more like moth balls than kimchee, and I have NO idea how a moth can get within a foot of their home. Or really within a half mile. I mean, I wonder if I’ve got moth genetics because that smell makes me want to run very far away.

Still, it’s the smell of home.

And it’s on me. It’s on my clothes. It’s on my luggage. It’s on my PURSE. I smell a waft of it right now, from my purse sitting on my desk just a few feet away.

Moth balls. That’s what I smell like despite my furious spritzing of Robert Piguet’s Fracas perfume this morning.



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5 responses to “moth balls

  1. My mom loved moth balls, too, and the smell of them makes me ill.

  2. anonwupfan

    I assume that your folks are in LV from your post about your dad and that’s pretty funny because Clothes Moths:

    1) Do very poorly in dry conditions.
    2) Will not eat cotton, silk, synthetics, but will eat wool, fur and feathers (which I hope your folks aren’t wearing a lot of in LV!)

    Basically, there is pretty much no chance in hell of them having a moth problem (in typical stereotype-of-an-Asian-mom fashion you probably have the same chance of getting her to change her ways!)

    I will admit I own some MBs (for good reasons) and Mrs. AWUPF HATES them bigtime.

  3. Bustopher: they are really a bleah sort of smell arent they

    anonwupfan: Ha funny! I had no idea, as my mother’s mothball usage would have you thinking she lives in the epicenter of clothes moth activity.

  4. R

    As I drove mom home from the hospital a couple of evenings ago on Saturday, I pointed out a ton of moths congregating around a streetlight. I did so innocently, but this probably had the result of reinforcing in her mind her ongoing decision to flood the house with mothballs. Now, this practice will likely never change.

    I also noted that there are a lot of wool items — like slacks, sportcoats, socks — in their closets and drawers.

    There are a surprising amount of moths in Vegas and Henderson. Especially when it is 100 degrees at 8 p.m.

  5. amber

    I empathize with you. I have no clue what went up my grandma’s @ss. Just two days ago, I entered the house and smelled a nasty, cheap plastic ASIAN smell. It smelled like my Asian cousin’s house and every other Asian place for that matter. I looked it up and realized they were mothballs. Holy, kill me now? I feel so bad for you, because right now, I have a huge migraine from it. Yeah, this is my first time I have found it in my house. My aunt has been spending more time with my grandma, and I think she told her to use it. I swear I have some killing to do tomorrow, yeah – my aunt. Anyways, I’m off to buy Febreze and if the smell doesn’t disappear or if she buys any more, I am going to threaten to run away. Later!

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