“noir underside of publishing”

I found this great Salon.com feature article on the “noir underside of publishing” (as the writer puts it) over at Bustopher Jones. I thought I’d mentioned it here too.

Written by a midlist author on the perils, ups, downs, and challenges of being a published writer, it is a great read, especially if you’re a writer with dreams of publishing a book.

One of my mentors said a large advance can be a writer’s worst curse. Read more.



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5 responses to ““noir underside of publishing”

  1. koreanish

    Yeah, actually. It always seems great. But it’s actually a terrifying ordeal.

  2. It’s so fascinating because everyone brags about big advances. I’ve never heard anyone ask for a lower advance. I wonder if that ever happens.

  3. koreanish: I have heard about the experience, but the article definitely provides the harrowing details

    Bustopher: Yes, but I have had mentors tell me to AVOID the big advances–one in particular had a friend who took on a $2ooK advance and never made the money back for the publishing company. Now her friend has to publish under a pseudonym because she can never publish under her real name ever again. It is better, I hear, to take a lower advance (I know, totally counterintuitive).

  4. Ah ha! I’d been wondering how I got to this salon article (which I’ve just written about).

    The low advance is completely the way to go. Especially if it’s from somebody who wants to help you get out there and sell your book. I believe in having low expectations for the submission and querying business. I save my high expectations for my writing.

  5. bloglily: I hear that exact same advice from other writers over and over again. I find myself agreeing, given the business arguments. Who needs the pressure to sell the book? You will make the money later.

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