‘fess up Friday 3

It’s Friday again!

I swear, I will get more writing done–I didn’t touch my fiction, but I did take a look at my essay and worked on it a bit. This week wasn’t much better than last week wrt personal crises…my dad took a turn for the worse with a bacterial infection and a few days passed until he took a turn back for the better. Still in the hospital but on the mend now.

Writing an essay on my stroke is difficult. I think the gist of it is that I find my stroke, at times, meaningless, and at other times, a pivotal happening. I can’t figure it out. My life hasn’t changed much since then, even though in certain ways my mentality has become different. And so, how to sum it up?

Anyway. Lots of thinking. And also prepping for a long trip next week. I’m hoping to get writing done while on vacation!


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  1. Where are you going??

    I’m on a mini mini mini vacation (2 days) in San Diego.

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