it took a little while…

but then I realized: ack, is banned in China.

Seriously! After trying multiple times, to no avail, to get onto wordpress and then after trying to read other blogs, it dawned on me: the blogging sites are banned in China. Bleah.

It was like a total mystery for a little while there. It wasn’t as if the page announced “Banned” or anything–it just kept spooling forever and ever, without an error code. Hrm.

I’m only able to blog this via some clever wrangling. I’m feeling mighty naughty, blogging like this here.

But as a result, expect fewer updates, if at all.

I’m in Shanghai now. It’s humid and very very warm. I am glistening at all moments. I had a dumpling already here in town–it was the BEST DUMPLING EVER!!!! I also had a McDonald’s soft serve ice cream. It was the WORST ICE CREAM EVER!!!!

Maybe, sans blogging and sans television, I’ll get some writing done in between the sightseeing.



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4 responses to “it took a little while…

  1. ChaEsq

    I covet your dumpling experience! Have a wonderful and safe trip (what are you there for?) and BLOG ON!

  2. Thank you! I’m in Hangzhou now–(tagging along on my hubby’s biz trip) and we are heading to Beijing tomorrow. Fascinating experiences thus far. Sad that I’m not blogging them (logged on through VPN right now and it blows up my firefox so blogging is a pain in the butt if not downright impossible).

    I am twittering. For those of you know my real name, go look for me on twitter for updates and add me (I’ll add you back and then you can see my tweets). Yes–> no blogging in China, but twittering yes. (I don’t understand it either).

  3. I’m not on Twitter, but my hubby is. Maybe I’ll join. There’s a great restaurant in Beijing they called an “ethnic restaurant.” Wish I could remember the name or where it was. Pineapple rice, potato balls, rice wine. It was SO good. And I spent a lot of time at (forget how to spell it) “Shu Shway” – the mall where you can buy everything super cheap. Then there are all the sites – Forbidden City, Great Wall, Summer Palace. I hope you have time to visit them! I just went on my own while hubby was working (also tagged along on a biz trip). Have fun!

  4. I saw you on IM a couple of times when you were in Shanghai – it said (real name) – In Shanghai. I was tickled. But I really didn’t want to clog up your pipe with a lame “hi” so I held off.

    Hi! And I’m checking flickr too – great pix. Thanks for keeping us posted so I can live vicariously through your trip…

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