outside of the Great fireWall

Woo!  In London on a layover.  I can blog!  I can read blogs!  I can comment on blogs!  I can read all of wikipedia!  I have access to google cache!  I think I’ve lost 5 pounds!  I feel like my mind’s expanded two times over from this trip to China!

I think the 5 pounds are coming back though–we just went and bought a bigass bag of British candy (flake!  galaxy!  twirl!).

What time is it–I have no idea.



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6 responses to “outside of the Great fireWall

  1. LK

    Oooh, sounds wonderful. China and the candy.

  2. Welcome back! From what I’ve been hearing, your China trip was such a whirlwind! I’m excitedly awaiting some blog posts about it…

    p.s. I got shoes!

  3. Welcome back!!!!!!!

  4. Hi Everyone–yes, I’m back! So hesitant to start blogging again…I have to get over this horrid jetlag and collect my thoughts and pace myself. The 2 weeks in “cannot blog, cannot read blogs Land” have made me realize HOW much time I spend blogging and reading blogs!

  5. oh, and the “cannot blog, cannot read blogs, horrible TV programming Land” also made me realize HOW much time I spend watching tv, too. my brain needs more calisthenics.

  6. yay! You’re back!

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