we interrupt this silence…

I interrupt the silence on this blog for a big incredible woohoo! Today is a huge day for marriage equality, for civil rights, for gay rights. Of course I choose today to forget to bring my camera–otherwise I’d be posting pictures of San Francisco’s City Hall–of the man waving a rainbow flag on the steps, the gay couples lined up to get married. Momentous.

Can you believe it? This year–we had a war veteran who made sacrifices for his country run for president, a woman run for president, and an African American run and win nomination on a major party ticket for president. And in California, the right for gay couples to get married.

My heart is full, my eyes are brimming with tears!

To top it all off-it was a picturesque day, a brilliant backdrop to love.



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5 responses to “we interrupt this silence…

  1. *jumping enthusiastically* it gives me chills to feel the tide turning.

  2. Eric

    Maybe Sebas and I will have to do it next time we’re in town! Get married in two countries! πŸ™‚

  3. Oh, Jade, you were in my neighborhood, and we were both crying! It’s a wonderful day, isn’t it? I love how every time today I went outside to do something (lunch, coffee run, okay I’ll admit it, I went outside just to soak it all in a couple of times) there was the nicest, most festive atmosphere. It hits you in a big way, and it seems so simple. Love rules.

  4. It’s so wonderful!

    And I’m so glad it broke your silence πŸ˜‰

  5. Maria: makes me wanna bake a wedding cake and eat it in honor of all the weddings!

    eric: yes!

    bloglily: Love really does rule.

    nova: it’s awesome! πŸ™‚

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