My dear friend, Randa Jarrar, has a book coming out this Fall. It is called A Map Of Home, and I am excited (but probably not as excited as Randa) about its debut.

Good news is coming down the pipe about the book. The Publishers Weekly starred the book in its listing (woohoo!). And Maud Newton has put the book on her “to read” list.

The book’s imminent publication also means Randa is hitting the road to publicize the book. Her schedule of readings and events is here.



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4 responses to “rockslinga!

  1. What a terrific review! And what a great-sounding read. I wish her every success. Also, I’m so glad to see she’s coming to Books Inc., which is right in my work neighborhood. I’ll certainly be there.

  2. That’s very exciting! And the book cover is very cool. I would like to see her when she is here in September.

  3. Awesome! Would love to read it.

  4. bloglily: i’ll be at Books Inc too, for her reading! 🙂 We’ll rub elbows.

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