I am in L.A. for the weekend. In Santa Monica, to be exact. And I am experiencing clarity. Not that I usually equate L.A. with my settings for clarity, but it’s just where I happen to be, after a week-long novel workshop in San Francisco. I feel like I was zapped over here–I slept the latter half of the drive, and woke up only when (voila!) we were on the PCH. Voila. Voila. Voila.

Immediately after the workshop, immediately after receiving the most honest, thoughtful, razor sharp, painful, amazing feedback on my writing and my novel, the hubby and I headed to L.A. Not for vacation but for some family duties and responsibilities. I thought I would mention that–because it gives the weekend a different timbre.

And so I find myself, in a hotel room overlooking the pool, full of the kind of people you always imagine residing in L.A. (ie., hot bodies, skimpy swimsuits even though L.A. is full of normal people too), two blocks from the beach, where there are more people concerned about the exterior…totally contemplating my interior. I am inside. Way inside.

The workshop was incredible. It was life-changing for me as a writer. I was given thoughtful and precise insight into my work. I feel like I’m finally pointing towards the right vector. I feel like I’ve just skipped 3 years in time. I am now facing change, facing painful but cleansing and purposeful work ahead of me.

The workshop leader, a Famous Writer who I now totally adore, who leaves me entirely indebted, told me to take a month off, let it all settle in. It is really fucking hard NOT to write my novel (for once!), but here I am, sorting things out in my head. The feedback he gave me was tough. He pulls very few punches and I love him for that. But he said I have an incredible story. And he meant all of it.

I feel like the writer inside me was fed. After traveling through the wilderness finding my own way around, traveling in circles…after getting sick and being waylaid and picking myself up and getting walking again…a path cleared.


OMG. πŸ™‚

And thank you to my friend “P” who pushed me to apply to and then take this workshop, reassuring me that it was worth taking, despite and because of my workshop burn out!



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11 responses to “clarity

  1. What incredible, wonderful news! I am thrilled that the workshop did this for you, just thrilled!

  2. I second the notion above. Glad the workshop provided some boost to the writing. Good luck from us at

  3. Eve

    Jade, what fantastic news! Mad cheers for the writerly you. I hope you’ll let us know more about how your writing compass was readjusted.

    What a godsend.

  4. I am so happy for you. Congratulations, and be well.

    I want to take that workshop. I know who it is… I’ve had my eye on that writer & workshop for two years now.

    Great work, Jade. You are so totally committed to your writing.

  5. What a thrilling experience. How amazing to have your writer’s compass set in the right direction. You deserve it, especially after the setbacks and struggles you have had over the past year and a half.

  6. Eric

    I still CANNOT believe that we got to hook up last night! I’m so incredibly grateful for your generosity!!

    Biggest hugs!!

  7. Schmoo

    I am so happy and excited for you! πŸ™‚

  8. Good for you! So glad that a path cleared! You deserve this ‘shot in the arm’! πŸ™‚

  9. It sounds fabulous..and how do you learn of workshops that are worth the time and effort? Even online classes?

  10. thank you everyone. this workshop was just an amazing gift and surprise!

    Eric: Yes! Another fortuitous gift that you were in town. πŸ™‚

    Kristin: I have to owe it to my friend who urged me to take this particular workshop. My best workshop experiences come to me from personal recommendation.

  11. asian random

    heh all i’ve learned is that i so don’t want to be a character in any of my past aquantences friends’ books ;p

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