addictions addictions

i got over my blogging addiction. and now? now i’m addicted to tv series on DVDs. i have spent the entire week watching “Weeds” while the hubby was out of town (INSTEAD of furiously writing the novel–but then again, i am on a self-enforced one month long break from the novel).

i did make some headway on an essay. first draft was super rough. but we’ll see. time to revise and revise and revise.



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8 responses to “addictions addictions

  1. heather

    i LOVE “Weeds”, but that’s probably no surprise. 😀 what season are you on?

  2. I am all caught up–sans season 2, which is on its way in the mail from Amazon (couldn’t find season 2). I have watched this thing hodgepodge: got addicted on season 4…then watched repeats of parts of season 3….then watched season 1 on DVD, then watched the entire season 3 on DVD.

    I wonder if I could read a novel like that. 😛

  3. Eve

    I have never watched “Weeds” and am probaby going to curse you and Heather for making me watch it addictively.

    This should teach you not to abandon your blogging addiction, my friend! We love you way more than those characters in “Weeds,” and we talk back. And you can visit us when you travel. And stuff like that.

    Consider returning to your blogging addiction; just make sure you continue to cultivate the writing addiction first. 😉 *hugs*

  4. ok Eve–you have compelled me to write a post. 🙂

  5. I LUV Weeds!!! I need to catch up on the other seasons. However, I am tickled with Season 4. Nancy Botwin is the cutest drug dealer ever! I also like that each episode is 30 minutes long and they pack so much good stuff into each show.

  6. Richard

    We must have some weird telepathic connection. I also watched Netflix dvds of Weeds this weekend. Caught up on the 3rd season yesterday. I had already seen the previous 2 seasons some time ago. I didn’t see your blog post about Weeds until today.

    Now, the 4th season currently airing on Showtime will make some sense.

  7. queenkv: it’s pretty addictive, ain’t it? the acting is tip top and the angle of pot dealers in suburbia is entrancing.

    Richard: weird. definitely weird connection. we’ve never talked about watching Weeds either. i ordered season 2 from amazon and it’s on its way…soon i’ll be all caught up.

    Then, it’s likely I’ll move on to BSG. But in between all that, I am going to finish a first draft of my novel.

  8. Oh man, Weeds is like CRACK in this house. I love Kevin Nealon’s character.

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