isn’t it mid-summer

I don’t get it. I’m totally felled by, of all things in July, the flu.

Totally swollen, painful sore throat. Fever. And sweats (gross). Energy sapping flu.

I think I must have caught it from the guy at the 3:30am Batman IMAX showing this weekend–he was coughing up a storm, phlegm flying through the air. I wondered how _he_ could be sick in the middle of summer like that, and why on earth he was at a 3:30am Batman showing while sick.

Thank you, Batman fan, for giving me the flu.



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7 responses to “isn’t it mid-summer

  1. Yuck! I am so sorry!
    I just had a bad cold for a couple of weeks and although its not nearly as bad as the flu – yikes, I had the same feeling of, “Isn’t it summer? Where the hell did this come from?” Something about summer and sickness just don’t go together!
    I hope it passes through quickly!

  2. Eve

    Ugh, I’m sorry to hear it. It’s just not right to have to get the flu when it’s already hot outside.

    So, how did you like Batman? I haven’t seen it yet.

  3. Schmoo

    😦 So sorry. Hope you feel better soon!

  4. You went to a 3:30 a.m. movie?! Wow. I hope you get better soon. Flus should wait for at least the fall to kick in. Having one in the summer is just not fair.

    (Though a few people at work have been sick and I’m afraid I’m going to catch whatever’s going around now… So, who knows, I may be joining you soon enough.)

  5. feel better soon! I’ve heard there is a summer flu going around this year…it’s been a very rough summer health wise for a lot of people.

  6. Oh, you poor thing. I hope you’re on the mend. The flu is a total bummer — batman induced flu even worse. (And why do you think most British people write that word as ‘flu, because it’s a shortened version of influenza, and most American people don’t? I don’t have a preference, but I’ve always wondered and it’s the kind of thing that’s good to wonder about when you’re lying around on the couch, recovering from the ‘flu/flu because the answer (a) doesn’t really matter and (b) is always fun to think about, raising as it does questions about how we use language and how it mutates, kind of like the ‘flu/flu come to think of it.

    Anyway, feel better, okay? xoxo, L

  7. thank you for your good wishes everyone–my fever broke yesterday but i am still on the mend. this flu bites!

    btw–for those who asked–Batman ROCKED. I _loved_ it, especially Heath Ledger’s performance. It brought me NIGHTMARES (bleah), it was so eerie and scary and brilliant.

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