musings while on the tail end of ‘flu/flu


Maybe it’s because my brain slows down, or maybe it’s because I physically slow down, but yes, like bloglily commented in a previous post, it’s nice to wonder…and I wonder a lot more when I’m sick. My fever’s broken, but I’ve kept myself homebound to fight the Mucus and The Exhaustion.

It’s a lazy Saturday (hallelujah, finally a lazy weekend after weeks and months of travel and work and workshop and socializing). Here’s what I’ve done on the tail end of this flu, post-fever but pre-100%-recuperation…

  • I’ve watched “Galaxy Quest.” Awesome movie. Not my favorite of all time, but a very reliable and entertaining movie for me, at least. I am not into art house flicks–if I want to think and be enlightened, I read a book. Movies are for entertainment. Hence, I also loved “The Dark Knight” even if Heath Ledger’s performance as The Joker was so true and brilliant and scary that it gave me nightmares.
  • I am now totally up to date on “Weeds.” I watched all three seasons of “Weeds” in a matter of a few days. Booyah!
  • I gave in and watered my early girl tomatoes, even though I had decided to dry farm them. I didn’t water them very deeply. It’s just that I have to water my lettuces, and they aren’t THAT far away from the tomatoes and thus my tomatoes get some residual water. And then I feel SORRY for them (even though they are inanimate) so I go, “Ohhh–you’re thirsty, aren’t you?” And splash. Splash. Before you know it, they’ve been watered. Must resist, going forward. Must think about about tasty dry farmed tomatoes.
  • I fed my dogs. Because well, this has to happen, twice a day, everyday.
  • I ate a sandwich.
  • I made these terrific New York Times chocolate chip cookies! Yes, using cake flour and bread flour and following it to a T. With dough that I prepped last night (yes, I started feeling better and had to do SOMETHING so I made chocolate chip cookie dough).
  • I wrote a rough draft of the editorial for the upcoming litmag issue. After I wrote it, of course I because very very insecure about it, and rifled through the stacks and stacks of other litmags on my bookshelf to do a comparison. Was I up to par? What WAS an editorial supposed to be like, anyhow? I am relieved to say, they all seem pretty slapdash to me. Whew. Bar is not too high.
  • Speaking of which–I am TOTALLY insecure about the upcoming issue. I like the pieces I picked, but I know I picked pieces that take risks–will everyone else like them too? I am such an insecure editor, I annoy myself.
  • Yesterday when I felt better, I wrote a little more of my stroke essay. This essay is harder to write than I imagined. And believe me, I’d already imagined it would be difficult to write, emotionally. The truth, the truth. And I have to write the terrifying.
  • I found what I think is the structure for my novel. I’ve been ruminating on that. And finding I like it more and more and more. This month off from the actual writing of the novel has been good for me.

Now time to go lie down again.



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5 responses to “musings while on the tail end of ‘flu/flu

  1. good to hear that you’re feeling better. viva la lazy weekend!

  2. akwhitacre

    Though I wasn’t sick per se, I found watching The Wire was a big help a few weeks ago when I had to stay up all night before my EEG. I can’t wait until the next DVD shows up, the only problem being that it’s tough alternating between The Wire and the other disc here from my queue, Flight of the Conchords. But since my EEG was clear, maybe there’s something to be said about watching a drama about Baltimore drug rings back-to-back with a comedy about, well, just watch a clip 🙂

  3. queenkv: thanks–!

    akwhitacre: you are the third person to recommend The Wire to me in less than a month–now I must gather DVDs and watch. Glad your EEG was clear. Whew.

  4. Randa

    Take it easy, beautiful. Your editorial rocks, I just know it 😉 I think being hard on yourself probably has its benefits and its functions…makes you work it more. But now that you’ve written it, enjoy!

  5. Randa: you are the BEST! one of my writing mentors says that I am editing all the time. I have to stop critiquing myself every single minute of my writing.

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