nostalgic for college daze

Sometimes…while I sit in a room, having just selected a song on my iPod…I search for a good and happy place.  I tilt my head, catching the light off a window or a certain sheen on a fabric, hoping it will transport me, much like Lucy walking back into the Wardrobe to find Narnia.  It’s odd what can bring a memory back.

And oftentimes, I find myself in my first months of college, before any first kiss, walking on a crisp Autumn morning in Berkeley, relishing my days of independence as a young adult.

The light is golden, the sycamore tree leaves have not yet faded to a crisp, and I have no obligations but to myself.  I can feel it now–cool air, clear sky, walking to a cafe or down the street to the grocery store for snacks.  No permission required.

Good days.

There are many good days in my life–but that’s a snapshot of just a few of them.

And my music choices revolve a lot around bringing me back those good days.  Those feelings, dark and light.



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9 responses to “nostalgic for college daze

  1. Nice post! I like how you described it all. I can feel the air! And I can smell it. Berkeley has a distinct smell in my memory. I was only there visitng friends a couple of times but its smell was so distinct to me.
    I hope you’re all better. 🙂

  2. anonwupfan

    Ah, Fall Saturdays: Pull on something comfy, light your last mangled cigarette and head down the street to look for coffee. Go ahead, brush the leaves from the pavement as you step. Do you hear the toms racing each other in the distance? Do you feel the weight of the world miles away and your best friends down, up and across the street? I still can.

  3. Eve

    This brings it all back–my version, I mean. What a wonderful feeling of possibility, freedom, and substance one had, just from walking across campus in the fall.

  4. Amyable

    Football season is upon us soon – first game of the season is in 1 month exactly. The season allows me to relive my Cal days more directly since we walk from Rockridge BART to the stadium for every home game. We leave enough time to eat around the campus, meet up with other alum friends, and take in the whole campus/student life before heading into the game. I love this time of the year!

  5. asianrandom

    nothing wrong with old college days.

  6. Fall is good. I can’t wait. 🙂 We can’t get back to our college days, but at least Fall comes around every year! Thank you all for sharing.

    Amyable: ah, I am right in that hood! I am guessing you are one of the many who make that pit stop at ici and other food places en route?

  7. Amyable

    Ah yes, Ici. It was damned hot today, wasn’t it? Had dinner with friends at Filippo’s on College (the one in Rockridge) and walked over to the place next to Oliveto Cafe hoping they were still open so that I can get some ice cream. But, they were closed. Ici would have been closed too. My friends had never been to Ici so I got myself all worked up just talking about their ice cream.

  8. Amyable: Ici is good–but I hope you’ve checked out Mitchell’s or BiRite for phenomenal ice cream.

  9. anonwupfan

    JP & Amyable: Fentons!

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