birthday plans?

Last year I celebrated my birthday in Paris.

And the year before that? I couldn’t remember–so I sifted through my photos to discover that my husband had taken me out to a Very Nice Dinner in San Francisco.

The year before that, we went to Vegas.

Dudes and dudettes: my 35th birthday is coming up. What to do, what to do…

I always thought my 35th would be a Big Deal to me.  But now that it is nearly upon me–I realize I don’t want to really celebrate my birthday anymore.  I don’t want to get older.



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8 responses to “birthday plans?

  1. But you must celebrate! (I say this though I don’t want to celebrate mine anymore and probably wouldn’t if my husband didn’t turn a year older two days ahead of me to soften the blow…)

    You should go somewhere wonderful, even if just for the weekend. Hey… what about NYC? 😉

  2. That comment makes it seem like I have a little facial tic. I swear I don’t wink that much in real life. Do I?

  3. Hey Nova–I would LOVE to go to NYC! I’m trying to figure out how to get there in Sept/Oct (New York in Fall…)

    My hubby is 2 years younger–makes me hate my turning 35 even more.

  4. arirang

    I second NYC in the fall!

  5. My hubby is two years younger, too! When exactly is your birthday? And yes, you should celebrate! Happy early 35th!

  6. I’m enjoying my birthday week this week too, and having the time of my life. It’s wonderful. A friend took me to the Chihuly exhibit at the DeYoung which was AMAZING, then to lunch. My hubby stood on line at the Apple store and got me an iPhone. The whole family is now up at the Russian River and it is the BEST vacation we have ever had. We are having wonderful lazy days floating on the river, reading, sleeping… it’s the greatest. I totally recommend all of the above!

  7. A couple of my favorite local birthday ideas, Jade:

    1) Stay two nights at Dancing Coyote Beach in Olema, spend the days hiking Pt. Reyes, and a fab dinner at the Olema Inn. (Or even better if you can afford it, and I can’t, stay and eat at Manka’s.)

    2) Head up to Anderson Valley, stay at one of the Apple Farm cottages if they’re free, try some excellent wine at Esterlina Vineyards, and a great dinner at the Boonville Hotel.

    Okay, these aren’t terribly hip (but hey, you’re only a couple years younger than I am, so time to face the music ;), — they really do make for some damn fine birthday weekends.

  8. Those are all excellent ideas!

    I am still dreading my birthday–the closer we get, the more I dread it. It is an odd feeling, because I’ve never dreaded a birthday before.

    I feel like I should cower before Time. 🙂

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