switching captains

I opened my mail yesterday and found the Fall 08 issue of ZYZZYVA. As I most often do with litmags, I flipped to the table of contents to see if there was a name I recognized, a writer I’d like to read–I scanned the “first time in print” category too, to see if there was a friend I ought to congratulate (a friend of mine did get published in ZYZZYVA a couple years ago I was tickled to see her name there). I looked at the titles, did any strike my fancy?

That’s how I go about pouncing upon the stories in a litmag.

I like reading what Howard Junker has to say. So I looked at his Editor’s note. BOOM.

He’s retiring at the end of this next year, and looking for a new Editor. I’d been wondering how ZYZZYVA might go on in his absence, and wondering whether the magazine would go down with the captain–or the captain go down with the magazine. I mean, he and the litmag have been alive for twenty-five years. I’m glad the Board made the decision to go forward…but sad that Howard’ll be gone. He published me–I like to say he “discovered” me. Though I hope one day to make myself worth of “discovery.” I’ll miss Howard Junker at the helm.

Then I flipped to the excerpts from letters to the editor. I love those.

I like Howard Junker. I like ZYZZYVA. I hope they both make a great transition.



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2 responses to “switching captains

  1. actually, it’s not until the end of next year.

    but thanks for your kind thoughts.


  2. hi howard. i realized the error later–and will amend it in the post. glad you are around for another year (and a quarter).

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