a few weeks away


The other day–I saw it, a shift in the light. A golden tint filtering through the leaves, a particular angle, the way the shadows were growing longer. A breeze. A smell in the air. A brown leaf that fell from the tree. A bird nest, long abandoned by its inhabitants, now adult birds. The neighborhood baby turkeys, all grown now to adolescence, standing by their waddled parents.

Italian prune plums in season. A butternut squash on the vine in the garden.

A hint of peace and happiness in my being.

Autumn approaches!



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3 responses to “a few weeks away

  1. Eve

    Autumn is my favorite season. We haven’t had a hint of it yet, but I always look forward to that first snap in the air, that first smell, the turned leaf.

    We had geese flying overhead twice last weekend and my heart raced when I heard their honking. I thought, “Soon. Soon.”

  2. Ah, autumn, my favoritest of all the seasons. I can’t wait!

  3. I’ve noticed it too! Doesn’t it seem a bit early this year? Ah, well. I love fall. Bring it on.

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