A Map of Home by Randa Jarrar

My “Hedgebrook BFF,” Randa Jarrar, is now officially a published novelist. Her debut novel, A Map of Home is out on bookshelves (virtual and real) for sale. Woohoo! I would love to give her a standing ovation–for this wonderful book, for the great reviews from Kirkus and Publishers Weekly and more great reviews to come.

My copy hasn’t arrived yet, but I’m looking forward to seeing it on my doorstep (any day now, right, Amazon?). And, of course, to reading it–which I shall, turning the pages in bed each night before falling asleep.

Randa has a book tour, one that has her stopping in the Bay Area: Reader’s Books in Sonoma at 7:30pm on September 18…and Books Inc. on Van Ness in San Francisco at 7:00pm on September 19. I’ll be at both readings, cheering her on, and I hope you’ll be there, too. Go meet her. Go hear her read. She is a fantastic writer with a scintillating personality and a big heart. No one can make me philosophize, laugh and crack up like she can.

And as I imagine, her book will do the same.

Oh. And ahem–buy the book. 🙂

Update 9/3: The book arrived today!

Update 9/7: I finished reading it–my thoughts are up on my book list 08 page. It made me laugh, even though its humor stemmed from sadness and struggle (the very meaning of the narrator Nidali’s name)…and in the end, I cried. I am so proud of Randa, and so very touched by Nidali’s story.




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5 responses to “A Map of Home by Randa Jarrar

  1. elka

    It is wonderful. A beautiful wedding present, finished it thanks to my commute and night-time reading in two days. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

  2. oh elka, it IS wonderful! the voice of the narrator, Nidali, is captivating. i want to hang out with her for hundreds of pages. i got to page 50 last night before i had to go to sleep. i heard/read what i think was an earlier draft of the opening a couple of years ago and while i thought it was already great, now it is even livelier and more addictive. i’m in love with her.

    i’m going to read some more tonight in bed!

  3. Violeta

    My copy just arrived today. Thanks for recommending it! 🙂

  4. Awesome! I’ll put it on my list.

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