counting blessings

Well.  Mommies say the best things, don’t they?  I called my mom to just vent about my biological frustrations. I felt like I’d totally gone insane, and I didn’t want to be crazy with grief and self-loathing anymore.

It’s okay she said. She counted my blessings with me. She reassured me that perhaps my destiny was elsewhere. That I should write. That it was okay to take my time with it. That I still need to give my brain time to heal from the stroke, I’ve been pushing myself way too hard. That I should fulfill my dreams. That I was lucky in other ways. That I had one misfortune, but could still be fulfilled in other ways.

Her words were the kind of words spoken by a person who cared about nothing else but me.

My grief was not completely assuaged, but I felt like I was on an even keel afterward, like the ground had stopped pitching back and forth beneath my feet. Okay, I think I’m going to make it now.



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8 responses to “counting blessings

  1. rashtrawadi

    don’t worry do’nt dealy to make that

  2. I’m not ready for kids. But I’m 30. I’m worried about running out of time to start a family. Paradox?

  3. Oh, mommies always know the right thing to say, you’re right. I know mine does. (She was doing just that earlier today!)

  4. anonwupfan

    She’s (of course) right. There is something truly wonderful about having a family life that is so rich that your worst problem is not having enough people to share it with 🙂

  5. rashtrawadi

    ok let’s hope for the best

  6. What your mom said was true. It’s so funny because at the same time you were probably talking to your mom, I was also depressed and my mom told me, Now is your time to write. I love moms. They can sometimes say just the right thing. Good luck to you in your writing.

  7. well–my mom probably did my hubby a big favor because i’ve stopped being a gloomy bitch!

    now i’m just an upbeat bitch. 🙂 hee.

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