Where is Kim Jong Il?

News reports say that Kim Jong Il is very ill, recently absent from North Korea’s 60th anniversary celebrations.

My grandmother, who wanted to see North Korea again and be reunited with any remaining family members, prayed each day that she would first outlive Kim Il-Sung, and then Kim Jong-Il. She lived until the age of 95, unable to, in the end, outlive Kim Jong-Il.  She was born near Pyongyang and escaped during the war, never to return home.  She and the others in my family, are the inspiration for the novel I am writing.

The day that North Korea and South Korea reunify will be a day that I know I will spend in happy tears. I was not alive when the two were one country, and I was not alive when the DMZ first went up. But I have lived with all the family stories of life in North Korea, of relatives in North Korea, and the ramifications of the Korean War.

North Korea is the one place in the world I dream of visiting. I feel like then, a part of my heart will be whole.

It is an eerie feeling to think of a world without Kim Jong-Il…without the dictator.  And wondering how that will change Korea.

It also makes me really feel like I need to hurry up and finish writing this novel.



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2 responses to “Where is Kim Jong Il?

  1. How is the novel going? Have you been writing much these past couple of weeks? Do you think you’ll sublet at “The Writing Place” again?

  2. hi bustopher! the novel is going. very slowly but going, which is still progress. today i printed out a few of the pages, and i found i was actually proud of them. not something that happens very often!

    i’m carving out time to write–“The Writing Place” really helped me get back into a rhythm with my writing and forced me to confront the page. it’s hard to get back into a writing rhythm after a 1.5 year break. (weirdly enough, i also started working out semi-regularly for the first time in 1.5 years, too).

    i may sublet again…it is *just* far enough from my dayjob to make it difficult to coordinate my writing, though. but i really liked what it did for me and for my writing!

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