Ike and Kim Jong-Il

I’m hitting the news feeds a lot these days, even though I generally AVOID the news, because it is rarely uplifting and filled with all the crap and heartbreak in our world. Especially the news on TV–they just recycle the heartbreak over and over again.

Hurricane Ike and Kim Jong-Il are the object of my obsession. Hurricane Ike blends my general obsession with weather and personal concern in one, as I have a friend in Houston and as I was so obsessed with Hurricane Katrina my husband had to rip me away from the television one day during its coverage so he could inject some sanity into me. I didn’t write, I didn’t ever move off the couch, I was so obsessed with Katrina–even though later I did write a short story inspired by what I saw. Right now, Hurricane Ike is over the Gulf of Mexico and headed straight towards Galveston, where residents are told they will face “certain death” if they stay on the island. Ugh.

North Korea has been an ongoing interest of mine for many reasons, not the least of which being that I have family roots there. The latest news is that Kim Jong-Il had brain surgery after a recent stroke. That’s serious!

A friend of mine commented–wouldn’t it be weird if he woke up after his brain surgery and became a different person? A pop singer perhaps?



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2 responses to “Ike and Kim Jong-Il

  1. fishlamp

    A pop singer… too funny. A funny movie premise would be something like “Dave”, but for North Korea where the real Kim Jong is in a coma while a look alike is running the country.

  2. can you imagine it? Kim Jong-Il all blinged out on stage! He already got the shades and the attitude, I betcha he can get crazy with the music!

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