do not eat dim sum if you want to write


I thought I might get some writing done today, in between a dim sum lunch (we debated between chaat at Vik’s and dim sum–dim sum won) and a Margaret Cho show (tonight! finally!).

Nope. The dim sum, while delicious, has put me in a stupor, akin to a dose of benadryl. The deepest thought I’ve had all day today is pondering the word “shampoo.”

Shampoo. Shampoo. Shampoooo. Sham.poo.poo.sham. Shampoo. SHAMpoo. ShamPOO. Shampoo. Cute word, isn’t it? It sounds nonsensical after awhile. What a neat word for hair soap. Cute. Neat Cute. Neat. Neat. Neat. Neat.Neat.Neat. Cute. Shampoooo. Shampoo. SHAHM-poo. Shaaaampoo.

Well. At least it’s a beautiful day outside. I can stare out the window and make the most of this dim sum haze.

p.s. got two rejections in the mail today. One of them apologized (in handwriting) for the delay.



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5 responses to “do not eat dim sum if you want to write

  1. Two rejections and thoughts of shampoo, but dim-sum and Margaret Cho??? Sounds like a fantastic day to me. How was the show!

  2. nova! it was a very balanced day–just full of relaxation and pleasure, really. even if the dim sum put me into a food coma, it was one that i think i sorely needed for relaxation. and a day with a margaret cho show is NEVER a bad day. it was awesome, she is so funny and positive and inspiring!

  3. w

    MSG overload!!

    And: Love the Cho.

  4. where did you do dim sum?

  5. w: Love the Cho!!! 🙂

    queenkv: just hong kong east ocean. not the best in the world, but has a nice view and not too long a wait (i _hate_ lines).

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